Monday, November 08, 2004

Et tu MSNBC?

It has been less than a week since the gutless wonder, aka John Kerry, conceded way too soon. The truth is starting to come out, but who would have thought that MSNBC would have been part of the investigation?

MSNBC lags in cable news ratings because it keeps trying to be a poor conservative's Fox. Why watch? If you like Fox you'll watch Fox, not a pale imitation.

Keith Olbermann is breaking with his lame brethren and declaring that he smells a rat. The rat in this case is Warren County, Ohio, where the county elections building is under lock down while the vote count is underway. Olbermann is still partly in denial, asking silly questions like, "Who fixed the exit polls?" They weren't fixed. They were right, as exit polls almost always are. Voters said they voted for Kerry because they did.

In short, the Bushmen cheated again and the truth is beginning to come out.