Monday, August 16, 2004

Who is Following Whom?

The Freedom Rider is back from a much needed vacation. It was interesting being in swing states. In states where either candidate has a solid lead, as is the case here in New York, it is as if there is no campaign. Swing staters get all the action. It was good to finally see campaign commercials, such as they are.

Our incumbent President apparently doesn't have any successes to tell us about. His commercials talk about 9/11 and he tells us that we must not yield. Another commercial tells us that the president wants us to own our homes and businesses. Apparently even Bush doesn't believe that he ought to be president again.

When I am on vacation I don't follow the news very closely. I could miss nuclear winter until I saw radioactive snow falling. I did watch the news a bit and it seemed that Kerry and Bush are still ending up in the same cities. What a coincidence. Actually I think it is all a Karl Rove coincidence. The president continues to draw much smaller crowds. Maybe if he wasn't afraid of talking to only the Republican faithful he might get the 40,000 to 50,000 that Kerry has attracted.

The Rove strategy seems to consist of keeping Kerry out of the news. If it isn't a yellow, orange or red alert it is bringing Bush to the same city, as happened recently in Oregon.