Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Playing into Bush's Hands

"To win the debates and the election, Kerry needs to establish himself as the clear alternative to a president who has lied us into a quagmire."
Robert Scheer

Can Kerry admit he was wrong to give the president the authorization to go to war and still be elected? I think so and so does Robert Scheer. All Kerry has to say is that his vote was premised on the president being truthful. Of course he will be called a flip flopper, but he will be called that anyway. Changing his position won't hurt him very much. Only a minority of voters still give Bush unqualified support on Iraq.

Iraq ought to be the Bush achilles heel. Kerry's nuanced approach doesn't make much sense and it will deny him the support of voters who are angry at Bush but don't know why they should make a change. If a Republican can say that the occupation is a mistake, Kerry should be able to as well.