Monday, February 16, 2004

The Texas Souffle

First, the good news. Someone remembers seeing Bush in Alabama. The bad news is that the recollection is none too flattering. The story is that the privileged frat boy was such an annoyance while working on a Senate campaign that he became known as the Texas Souffle, puffed up on the outside but full of hot air.

I don't have any confidence that this or any other negative news about Bush will hurt him this year. The press will find a way to minimize it and conservatives will be in lock step supporting him. On that front, read the Yellow Doggerel Democrat. Not only are the right wing supporting Bush, but their rhetoric has begun to take on a more menacing tone.

Vote Your Conscience

I couldn't have said it better myself. The Liberal Coalition blog tells us to vote for whomever we support. We are still in a primary season and we don't have to march in lock step. If we lose in November it will not be because we had a real primary race.