Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ricin in the Senate or No Such Thing as Coincidence

Have you noticed that the Bush White House doesn't like it when dems are in the news? They already moved up the date of the State of the Union address to compete with the Iowa caucuses. How convenient that on a day when seven states held primaries that ricin was found in the Senate.

I think a little paranoia is in order. Among other things, Karl Rove once faked the bugging of his office to discredit a political opponent. Scroll down for Karl Rove's greatest political hits.

I don't know if the substance found was really ricin or not, but American extremists should be on the suspect list if the poison was in fact present. As always, read Orcinus to get the latest. The February 3rd post reveals the connection between right wing hate groups and the use of ricin and other chemical weapons.