Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Mohammed Atta with a Cross

Am I the only one who was creeped out beyond belief by the evangelizing pilot? An American Airlines pilot asked Christian passengers to identify themselves and informed non-Christian passengers that they were crazy. Passengers of every faith were quite rightly in a panic and began making cell phone calls to their families. Does that bring back any memories?

American Airlines has issued an inadequate response under the guise of respecting employee confidentiality. American has to assure the public that nothing like this will ever happen again and if necessary needs to remind pilots that certain things, like prosletizing, are not acceptable while in the cockpit. Other airlines need to act in the same fashion.

Call me paranoid, but thoughts of 9/11 flashed through my mind when I heard this bizarre tale. If Christians don't step up to the plate and rein in our religious fanatics we will be like Muslims who are forced to explain the behavior of 19 hijackers.