Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conyers: Impeachment is Off the Table

"I'm the Chairman."
"Pelosi can't stop me."

He says the words, "Impeachment is not off the table," but then he contradicts himself.

Pitiful. Pathetic. Listen closely to what Conyers is saying.

He is afraid to impeach because Republicans tried to use his threat to impeach as a campaign tactic in 2006. Earth to Conyers, it didn't work. They lost.

So now he is saying that a losing strategy should still be feared. Spare me.

Pelosi is calling the shots. In part because Conyers had ethics complaints against him. I'm sure she is using that to keep him in line.

Conyers has no intention of doing anything about impeachment. Listen again and again if you must. Impeachment is still off the table and that means our nation and all of humanity are still endangered by Bush.

I hope that someone in his district will run against him. That is all he and his colleagues understand. The fear of defeat is the only thing they worry about.