Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to Choose a President

Just check out this week's Black Agenda Report. If you are disgusted by Hillary or bamboozled by Obama, then read my column on choosing a presidential candidate. In just 10 east steps you will be on your way to doing the right thing.

It is too bad that Russ Feingold decided not to run. He is the only Senator who voted against the Patriot Act. He is now keeping tabs on his Senate colleagues who are set to pass a bill so weak that it looks like a "second authorization for war." Even Carl Levin, who like Feingold voted against the use of force, is falling for the canard of not abandoning the troops. That means continuing to fund the war and the occupation.

The Democratic majority in Congress is a huge disappointment and in large part we can blame Holy Joe Lieberman. He threatens to become a Republican if Dems don't continue funding the Bush plan for an American empire. I say cut him loose. Lieberman is a no good lying bastard. He won his election because he claimed he would remain a Democrat. The Democrats can accomplish something in the minority if they use the power of the filibuster. It is time to call Lieberman's bluff and tell him to get the hell out. Good-by Joe and don't let the door hit you.