Friday, February 23, 2007

(Christian) Fascism Watch

"I am here to ask the Southern Baptist Convention, and all of you in this room, for your help."
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Alberto Gonzales is the man who is snooping on your email. He thinks that American citizens can be held indefinitely without trial. Just ask Jose Padilla.

Now he tells us he is concerned about our freedoms, our religious freedoms that is. Yes, Gonzales is in league with the Southern Baptists (yikes) to protect our religious freedoms. A denomination that is joined at the hip with government power would not be my choice to protect anything important to me.

Well this Baptist says no way. There is enough fascism blooming like fungus without getting help from creepy fundies.

If Gonzales offers to protect your relgious freedom tell him no thanks. Then ask him why Padilla is still being tortured.