Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Little Rebel Harold Ford


I never liked Harold Ford. He is an opportunistic, lying little suck up who throws black people under the bus when he thinks he can get ahead by doing it. As I pointed out back on March 21st, this is a guy who claimed his black grandmother was white. I kid you not.

I can't stand the guy. If I had liked him before the thrill would now be gone upon seeing this 1,000 word picture. Ford is doing some last minute flesh pressing at the Little Rebels Club, yes the real name, in his last day of campaigning for the Tennessee Senate seat.

How can you trust a guy who spent months proclaiming that he loves George Bush? To add insult to injury he just looks pathetic. He has taken off his tie and plopped an Elmer Fuddish redneckesque cap on his head, but he just looks like an Uncle Tom pleading for kindness from the local branch of the KKK.

This picture shows why Ford never had a chance. Tennessee is red neck, and no matter what they tell pollsters, white people in red neck states won't vote for anyone black. Black politicians are often placed in untenable positions when running for state wide office. It is a difficult conundrum, but if the state requires singing kumbayah with goold old boys then it just isn't worth it. Ford in the Senate would be a menace to black people.

Bye bye Harold and good riddance.