Friday, January 06, 2006

Let Us Prey

"I don't know enough about him (Alito) to say I actually think he's the right man to do the job. I'm saying I trust a friend of mine who promised me that he would appoint people to the justice system that would be attentive to the needs I care about."
Rev. Herbert Lusk

Save us Jesus. Justice Sunday III is upon us and now colored people are part of the antics. Lusk is a pastor of a church in Philadelphia that has received more than $1 million in faith based initiative funding. The photo ops with Bush paid off.

Lusk is hosting the event that is meant to show right wing church support for the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. He claims to know little about Alito because of the judge's decisions on civil rights issues. On the other hand, he may truly be ignorant about Alito. Alito/Schmalito. It is time to render unto Caesar and keep that cash flowing.

Lusk will be joined by the usual suspects, Falwell, Perkins, etc. He will also be joined by people like Wellington Boone who brags about being an Uncle Tom, and Alveda King, an MLK relative who uses her family name to back the right wing and make a few bucks too. Read the sad story here.