Monday, July 18, 2005

World Tribunal on Iraq

You didn't see it on CNN, and you didn't read it in the New York Times. Yours truly fell down on the job. You heard about G8 and Live 8, but you probably didn't know that an international jury of conscience met in Istanbul to document the crimes perpetrated on the people of Iraq.
Here is an excerpt from the Preliminary Declaration.

"The World Tribunal on Iraq met in Istanbul from 24-26th of June 2005. The principal objective of the WTI is to tell the truth about the Iraq war as clearly as possible, and to draw conclusions that underscore the accountability of those responsible and underline the significance of justice for the Iraqi people. "

The World Tribunal took testimony such as this from independent journalist Dahr Jamail.

In November, shortly after leveling Nazzal Emergency Hospital, US forces entered Fallujah General Hospital, the city’s only healthcare facility for trauma victims, detaining employees and patients alike. According to medics on the scene, water and electricity were “cut off,” ambulances targeted or confiscated by the US military, and surgeons, without exception, kept out of the besieged city.

They don't hate our "way of life." They hate what our government has done.