Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Torture in Iraq

G. Simon Harak, SJ, anti-militarism coordinator of the War Resisters League gives us a truly comprehensive study of Torture in Iraq. Harak proves that torture doesn't take place because of just a few "bad apples." The U.S. has made torture an integral part of its foreign policy. Many thanks to Simon. :)

Christian Fascism

In my latest Black Commentator column I lament the decline of the black church as an advocate for social justice and its acquiescence to the right wing in the search of cold hard cash from the faith based initiative.

Rev. Richard Lang of Trinity United Methodist Church in Seattle has outdone me. He lets us know in no uncertain terms that George W. Bush is not content to be fascistic in his economic and foreign policy. He has now co-opted the church and given rise to Christian fascism as well.

Amen, Rev. Lang!