Sunday, April 09, 2017

Interview with Radio Sputnik "Goal of U.S. Foreign Policy is to Prolong War in Syria"

Yesterday I was fortunate to speak with Radio Sputnik. I was invited as a member of the Hands Off Syria Coalition coordinating committee. Unfortunately my references to HOSC were edited out but I think the 5 minute long interview sums up my feelings about Syria pretty well.

I don't know if Trump was ever serious about having a different relationship with Russia and eschewing regime change plots. Even if he was, the continuing charges of Russian influence, the congressional hearings and threats of impeachment have had the desired impact. Less than one week after saying that regime change was not a goal in Syria his administration now picks up the Obama mantra "Assad must go." He did not eschew American intervention altogether. The plan was to partition Syria into zones of influence and continue the practice of destroying secular Arab regimes by other means.

Now the U.S. is in direct conflict with Russia. And we are living in very dangerous times.