Thursday, July 07, 2016

Black Agenda Report and CPR News Interview: Republicans Don't Want Trump

In my weekly CPR News interview with Don DeBar I discussed my Black Agenda Report column, Republicans Reject Trump.

Donald Trump's anemic fund raising is an indication of his unpopularity with the republican establishment. They don't want a president who threatens austerity, trade deals and NATO. The same people who raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the primaries are now sitting on their hands.

The anti-Trump hysteria cooked up by the democrats is a ruse meant to keep democrats in Hillary Clinton's camp. Anyone worrying about a Trump presidency should relax or choose something else to worry about.

Don also reports on police murder, Hillary Clinton gets out of jail free, Glen Ford on the crisis of legitimacy spawned by Barack and HRC. I start at about 9 minutes into the program.