Thursday, May 10, 2012

Barack Obama, Black People and Gay Rights

Yesterday Barack Obama made big news by actually saying very little. The brouhaha of the last 24 hours is a result of his dim bulb Vice President, Joseph Biden, doing something that every mid-level manager knows not to do.

Biden got ahead of his boss, or as Obama said, “a little bit over his skis.” On Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press Biden announced to the world and to his unsuspecting boss, that he was comfortable with gay marriage. Whoopsy Daisy.

Biden’s blurting forced the president to say the same thing. Yesterday he announced that he too was personally in favor of gay marriage. Liberals predictably fell into a state of collective idol worship, despite the fact that Obama didn’t say anything more enlightened than Dick Cheney said in 2009.

Obama said that while he favored gay marriage, he favored leaving decisions up to individual states. Big deal. That is already the case.

It is all enough to make an anti-Obamaite crazy. Liberals still don’t care that their beloved president asserts a right to jail them without charge or assassinate them if he decides their terrorists. So what. They have an opportunity to look down their noses at yahoos and think themselves superior as their idol drops drones on little children in Afghanistan.

We have also been subjected to endless bloviation about how much more homophobic black people are as compared to whites. Not true. I wrote this column back in 2008 after the passage of Proposition 8 in California, and the unfair smear that black voters alone were responsible for the passage of this ban on gay marriage.

Take a look. I don’t think the issues have changed very much.