Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bloomberg to Obama, "You're fired."

Last year, New York City Comptroller William Thompson came very close to defeating billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg. Thompson desperately needed an endorsement from Barack Obama. He never got one.

There was never any chance that Obama would dare to piss off the rich guy, but his deed has not gone unpunished. Obama’s reward for helping Bloomberg get re-elected is that he may face a Bloomberg run for the white house. Not only may Bloomberg run for president, but he is currently bad mouthing the current president who betrayed his own party in order to help him.

Because there is no honor among thieves, Bloomberg was ratted out by rich buddy Rupert Murdoch. According to big mouthed Murdoch, Bloomberg says that Obama is “the most arrogant man” he ever met.

Ah, the irony of it all. If Bloomberg takes Obama’s job I for one will crack up laughing. Why bother with presidents who have to curry favor with rich people when you can just get a rich person in the top job and cut out the middle man.

If Bloomberg becomes president it is clear that America is nothing but a banana republic plutocracy. I suppose it does make sense. Rich people get what they want when candidates parade before them and promise not to do anything to upset their apple carts. Why bother with the charade, let’s just have rich people in charge.