Friday, July 17, 2009

Right Wing Atheists

Alternet attempts to tell us why the most famous atheism evangelists are also war mongering right wingers. They make a good effort but miss the point entirely.

Christopher Hitchens and friends are white men before they are anything else. They should not be thought of as more enlightened because they don't believe there is a god. These particular nonbelievers are followers of the most pernicious belief system of all, white supremacy. That is why they think that the United States government should have the right to do what it wants in the world. And yes, it is still a white government despite the fact that it is now represented by a black man.

Atheists do not deserve more or less credit than anyone else who promulgates any other belief system. There are atheists I find more trust worthy than some self-proclaimed christians I know. But I don't find them to be inherently superior to anyone else, and that includes Hitchens, Dawkins and company.