Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Sides with Bush

"President Obama is substituted in his official capacity as a defendant in this case."

Yes, you read correctly. The Obama administration has sided with Bush administration policy on warrantless wiretapping. According to Wired, Barack Obama is now making the same argument that George W. Bush did in a lawsuit against federal government. Bush asked a federal judge to stay an order requiring the release of classified documents in the case of al-Haramain v. Bush. It is now known as al-Haramain v. Obama.

So what exactly why was anyone getting the vapors last Tuesday? Change we can believe in? Now that Barack Obama is officially George W. Bush can we please stop the pretense. I guess those 2 million people who went to Washington feel like chumps.

How could they? The story probably won't make the papers and even if it did, Obama would be excused.

In a recent Black Agenda Report column I called him Black Reagan. He certainly is that. Obama has teflon to spare.