Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wright and Obama

"Almost every politician lies, and most politicians lie repeatedly. Yet in one sense, Obama's speech is exceptional, rare and unique -- but not for any of the reasons offered by Obama's uncritical, mindless adulators. It is exceptional for this reason: it is rare that a candidate will announce in such stark, comprehensive terms that he will lie about every fact of moment, about every aspect of our history that affects the crises of today and that has led to them, about everything that might challenge the mythological view of America. But that is what Obama achieved with this speech. It may be a remarkable achievement -- a remarkable and detestable one, and one that promises endless destruction in the future, both here and abroad." Arthur Silber

I didn't weigh in on the latest Obama/Wright contretemps because my personal life has been much too busy of late. You can as always check out Black Agenda Report, which keeps it very real as always. "In order for his race-neutral strategy to appear sane, Obama must constantly paint a picture of an America that does not exist. This cannot be accomplished without mangling the truth, assaulting the truth-tellers, and misrepresenting America's past and present."

I'll keep it short. Obama is still bad news for the nation and for the world. He wouldn't be a worse president than Hillary "we'll obliterate them" Clinton. But he wouldn't be any better. He is pledged to continue the dominance of the ruling class and the ever growing American empire. The best that can be said of him is that he will be no worse than anyone else who is acceptable to the ruling class.

But for black people he will be worse. Hillary Clinton would have been taken to task if she had said she would have a foreign policy "like Ronald Reagan's." Obama was allowed to get away with that and other outrageous remarks and it doesn't bode well. He will do what he said he would do. He will keep the empire intact, he will keep government lawlessness intact. After all, he still sees no reason to impeach Bush or Cheney. Obama will be very bad news indeed.

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