Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wish I'd Said That

Yesterday Glenn Greenwald had an excellent post in Salon about the media black out of foreign policy experts who opposed the occupation of Iraq. Greenwald used the Charlie Rose program as an example of this corporate media censorship policy. One letter writer, eastriver, said the following in response.

"Charlie Rose lives and tapes in NYC, where I happen to reside. For all of the Big Apple's leftward-leaning politics, there is a large, monied, and very influential segment of the population that cares greatly about the US staying in Iraq; forever. Because if the US has an army in Iraq, Israel is considerably safer from foreign invasion.

Sure, terrorists attacks will still happen, and the Palestinian situation will remain unsolved, but there will be absolutely no fear of Syria, Egypt, or Iraq attacking with an army.

Charlie Rose is a sociable guy. He goes to lots of parties, and runs into lots of people. I'm sure he's not immune to a coordinated effort to influence his guest list. For these kinds of seminal, landmark shows (which only roll around about once a year, anniversary-like), it wouldn't be too hard to jiggle things.

Just a respectful observation. And a little inside knowledge of how things work in the un-real world."

Thank you eastriver for putting the nail squarely on the head. Israel wants the U.S. to destroy Arab nations. Israel's allies make sure that government gets its way. Sadly there will be no change from the policies that have made this country the United States of Israel. No one can raise $130 million (Clinton/Obama) without strictly adhering to the constant demand to do what Israel wants.

That is part of the reason that thousands of Iranians are about to be killed by our government. Israel, the outpost of pax Americana in the Middle East, wants it to happen.