Friday, September 07, 2007

Walt, Mearsheimer and Amazon

Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer are professors at Harvard and the University of Chicago respectively. Last year they wrote a ground breaking essay, "The Israeli Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy." It was well past time that someone took on that elephant in the living room.

In my opinion, Walt and Mearsheimer are a little too kind. They don't go far enough in dissecting the harm done by the Israeli government and its American minions. I believe that Israel and its lobby are grave threats to the American people. They have made us complicit in the commission of many human rights abuses, from the killing of Lebanese citizens, to the use of children as human shields in the occupied territories. Israel has successfully placed a bulls eye on all of our backs. If bin Laden hates us, it isn't because of our "way of life." It is because of Israel.

Walt and Mearsheimer were called anti-Semites and everything else except children of God. Their credentials didn't shield them completely from criticism but it is difficult for any honest person to dismiss them out of hand. Of course, honesty and U.S. relations with Israel are oxymorons.

The two have written a book that was published just this week. Yesterday I checked out with every intention of buying it. I was floored when I saw that Amazon is recommending it ("Buy Both and Save") alongside The Dealiest Lies by Abraham Foxman. Deadliest Lies was written for the sole purpose of debunking Walt and Mearsheimer. I wanted to complain to Amazon, but that is nearly impossible because they don't tell you how to contact them. I wrote Walt and Mearsheimer instead. Here is my letter.


I order books and CDs from Amazon. I do so in part because Amazon always informs me about books with subject matter similar to the one I am ordering, books I may not know about.

Yesterday I went to the Amazon site to order your new book. To my dismay, I was also offered an opportunity to order The Deadliest Lies, Abraham Foxman’s new book. Neither I nor anyone else interested in your book wants to read Foxman’s. There are numerous books for people with similar interests that could have been linked to yours.

Once again you two have been proven correct. There is an Israeli lobby and it doesn’t allow dissent. Even a powerful corporation like Amazon is terrified of selling your book along with others that address the same issue. They feel compelled to link your book with one written for the sole purpose of debunking it. I’m sure this is a first for Amazon. They have insulted you and your readers.

I don’t know if this situation has come to your attention, but I hope you can persuade Amazon to de-link you from Foxman. Amazon purposefully makes it difficult for customers to reach them. I thought you might have access where I do not.

Thank you for writing your book. You have done the world a great service by doing so. I will buy it, but not from Amazon.

Barnes and Noble will get my money this time around.