Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nazis Attack Iran

That is the title of my column in the current issue of Black Agenda Report. By a vote of 97 - 0 the U.S. Senate has joined the House in calling for the extermination of the Iranian people.

Of course no one ever says those words, but make no mistake about it. Mass murder of the Iranian people is the number one agenda item of the United States and Israeli governments. Americans are about to be turned into war criminals because of the power of the Israeli lobby and the blood thirstiness of the neo-cons.

The silence surrounding the impending holocaust is shameful. Most liberal bloggers won't touch the issue and the media is silent. Arthur Silber puts it beautifully.

The conclusion is stark and infinitely bleak: an attack on Iran would wipe every other issue and concern out of existence for the foreseeable future, probably for years to come if not much longer. Forget debates about global warming; nuclear clouds might be spreading across the globe. Never mind reforming our health care system; millions of people around the world, and possibly here at home, will be worried about survival of the most primitive kind. Nothing else will matter in the least.

The deck has been stacked, the lies are big enough and told often enough to be believed. The U.S. is about to bring about armageddon. Please speak out before it happens.