Friday, February 18, 2005

Gannon in a Nutshell

The Rude Pundit says it best.

"Warning-do not try to diagram this sentence: a cocksucker for hire with a fake name and no news organization affiliation, whose only journalistic "experience" is a two-day right-wing "Institute," is given a daily press pass to the White House, which denies such passes to established and legitimate journalists, and is called on to ask blatantly pro-Bush questions, who eventually is placed into a fake news front for a conservative website (that apparently hires a high school student as one of its main reporters) and becomes a regular at DC press events, as well as the daily briefing, quizzing Scott McLellan, the President's press secretary whose been seen going to gay bars in Texas but who recently married, receiving a congratulations card from said cocksucker for hire, who eventually gets to ask the anti-gay President a question at one of the anti-gay President's rare news conferences, where reporters from major news organizations go begging, at the same time that the White House the cocksucker so gracelessly praises is paying off other conservative commentators to push its proposals to the public."

I have nothing to add, except that the silence from the mainstream media on the Gannon issue is proof that they have no journalistic ethics left. Gannongate is the nail in the coffin. It is now official. Gannon was a whore among whores. Birds of a feather do flock together.