Friday, December 10, 2004

Homeless Vets and Armless Babies

Who knew they would be screwed so very quickly? Iraq War vets are already showing up in homeless shelters across the country.

Like veterans of every other war that has ever been fought they are coming home physically and mentally traumatized.

"We had a few situations where, I guess, people were trying to get out of the country. They would come right at us and they would not stop," Brown said. "We had to open fire on them. It was really tough. A lot of soldiers, like me, had trouble with that."
"That was the hardest part," Brown said. "Not only were there men, but there were women and children -- really little children. There would be babies with arms blown off. It was something hard to live with."

Hard to live with for this soldier, not hard for Bush, Rumsfeld or the media who have let them have their way. We now have soldiers doing what the press is supposed to do. The poor guy who asked Rumsfeld about scrounging for material to make armor is now being villified by the right wing who claim to support the troops.

Drudge claims that the soldier was "coached" by a reporter. So what? The facts are simple, soldiers are ill equipped and Rumsfeld blew off their complaints. It won't take long for the hacks of the mainstream media to pick up where Drudge left off.