Thursday, July 15, 2004

Fascism American Style
"There is no greater mistake and no graver danger than not to see that in our own society [the US] we are faced with the same phenomenon that is fertile soil for the rise of fascism anywhere." - Erich Fromm, 1931
As I said recently in Black Commentator, America is on a slippery slope that is leading to fascism. Truth Out has an excellent article that says it much better than I did. The end result of manifest destiny, racism and unrestrained capitalism has led to a public that yearns to be fooled.  Too many Americans are glad to give up their freedom.
The rest of the world isn't fooled, especially when they hear that Iraqi boys were sodomized at Abu Ghraib prison. They see us as we really are while we prattle on about being hated because of our freedoms. No one hates us because of our freedom. They hate us because our government occupied a nation to turn it into a cash cow for corporate interests. Of course you can't have an occupation without sexual assault and if you are truly depraved you have to video tape it all. That is why they hate us.