Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Where is Kerry?

"This is entirely unacceptable. I think it is a total washout."
Richard Lugar

"I don't feel good at all about what I'm finding out about who didn't know what."
Trent Lott

"That's unacceptable."
Pat Roberts

"It's abysmal; it's criminal." [And if allegations are proved true] "somebody needs to go to jail."
Orrin Hatch

"Let me just assure you that if I were president, we'd have a very different set of activities going on in Iraq today."
John Kerry

Why is John Kerry only even with a man who didn't really win, who lost 2 million jobs, and who lied to get us into a disastrous war? Perhaps it is because while GOP Senators are at least pretending to be outraged about Abu Ghraib and their lack of information about it, Kerry can't seem to find anything to say. He called Bush's response to the Abu Ghraib scandal "slow and inappropriate." It takes one to know one Senator.