Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Shut up Colin!

Waaaay back on November 11, 2003 the Freedom Rider poked a little fun at Colin Powell when he admitted using the prescription sleep aid ambien. At the time I said that the entire administration seemed to be drugged, so it all made sense.

Now I know why Colin can't sleep at night. He is a no good, low down, lying snake in the grass. Not content to kidnap President Aristide and install thugs to replace him, Colin personally returned to the scene of the crime yesterday. He even said that the U.S. would help prosecute Aristide, whose only crime was standing up to the U.S. This prosecution threat is meant to keep Aristide from returning to Haiti. I hope that someone prosecutes the U.S. for what it did in Haiti and for what it is doing in Iraq.

As for Iraq, Powell is now trying to weasle out of the statements he made last February at the United Nations. He told the most obvious lies about weapons of mass destruction. Even I, an internet surfing news junkie, knew that he was making it all up. One of his former staff people 'fessed up to 60 Minutes on that score. Now Powell is saying that the evidence of Iraqi mobile labs of death were "not solid." No s_ _t Sherlock.

One would think that Powell had embarrassed himself enough for one week. But noooo. Now he has taken on Ted Kennedy. Kennedy had the nerve to say that Iraq is like Vietnam. I don't know if there is an exact parallel, but we are at the beginning stages of a major butt whipping by people who want us out of their country. Sounds like 'Nam to me.

I digress. Patriotism is indeed the last refuge of scoundrels. Powell has told Kennedy to shut up, well, in so many words. He said that the Senator should remember that "we are at war."

I don't know what Powell has to do in order to receive the disdain he so richly deserves. It is way past time to stop defending him. Denial is not a river in Egypt. Colin Powell is a lying dog like everyone else in the Bush administration and he knows it. That is why he can't sleep at night.