Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Monkey Goes Ape

I couldn't resist. I have always yearned to write a cheesy tabloid headline. On Sunday a gorilla at a Boston zoo escaped for the second time in two months. He attacked a teenage zoo employee and a toddler. The gorilla, Little Joe, was subdued with tranquilizer darts. Little Joe is lucky not to be a black male human. They are brought down with live ammo.

I love this story because there are so many good quotes. "He's not a criminal of any sort. He's a gorilla." How about this one? "He was too strong for me and I'm a big person. I weigh nearly 300 pounds."

Crimson Tide

I know what it is like to live with a college football fan. My father is from Ohio and suffers the joys and agonies of watching Ohio State every Saturday in the fall. I have many memories of him yelling and screaming at the television in an effort to will OSU to victory. He was and is fun to watch as he watches football.

Despite my dad's love for his team I don't think he would have shot at any of his children because the Buckeyes lost. But one young man in Alabama found out the hard way that a heart breaking over time loss is the worst time to ask dad for a new car. The money quote in this story, "I know we take football serious in the South, but that's crossing the line."