Friday, July 29, 2016

Olympics Used as a Cold War Tool

The United States and its allies are determined to wage war by other means against the Russian Federation. Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union NATO has encroached further and further and is now on Russia’s doorstep, surrounding it with member states. In 2014 the United States instigated a coup against the elected government of Ukraine and in response the Russian Federation annexed Crimea with its citizens’ support in order to protect itself from any possible military action. 

The imposition of sanctions, the expulsion of Russia from the G8 group, attacks upon Russian allied nations such as Syria, and the Saudi/United States connivance to lower the price of oil have all been used to inflict the maximum amount of damage. The western corporate media have played their obedient role and repeat every government slander against Russia. First president Vladimir Putin is demonized, then the entire country. They now refer to “Putin’s Russia” to insure that both the leader and his people are disregarded and considered unworthy of any human or international rights.

In recent months NATO has announced plans to place 31,000 troops on Russia’s borders, an act which increases the danger of war. New missiles have been located in neighboring countries and raise the risk of nuclear confrontation.

There are no bounds in this conflict. Even athletes are punished. The admission by several Russian athletes, coaches and doctors that they were involved in using or concealing the use of banned substances will result in a sparse Russian presence at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. 

The International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) banned every Russian track and field athlete from competition. None were given an opportunity to prove their innocence. They can only compete if they participate under a neutral Olympic flag, and not as representatives of Russia. After much debate the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided that individual sports federations will determine who can and cannot go to the Rio de Janeiro games. But all Russian athletes must prove that they are “clean.” 

IOC chairman Thomas Bach is himself under attack from the western corporate media for his desire to protect as he put it “individual rights.” He should be praised for his attempt at fairness but instead he is vilified as if he were Vladimir Putin.

Cheating is rampant in world class athletics. Every year athletes from all over the world are caught using banned substances. In this instance the confessed cheaters have all left Russia and will profit personally from their own wrong doing. 

These decisions to single out Russia for punishment are unprecedented and are undeniably political in nature. It may seem harmless to use sports as part of the imperialist strategy, but demonization and aggression of any kind makes it likely that an actual military attack would face little opposition in western nations. 

NATO countries have violated the letter and the spirit of the olympics movement in order to carry out their goal of subjugating Russia by any and every means. It is not only a tragedy for the individuals involved, but is part of a greater danger to the entire world. The unrelenting campaign of lies against Russia must be opposed by people of conscience.